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Genetically engineered (GE) crops and foods have become increasingly present in farmersí fields and consumer shopping carts. As recently as 1994, the first genetically engineered plants were grown for commercial use in the United States under USDA supervision. By 1996, 6 million acres of genetically engineered plants were grown in the United States, which increased sharply to 58 million acres by 1998, accompanied by approximately 70 million acres worldwide. Because of the rapidity with which this technology is being applied and has entered the marketplace, New York State extension educators will likely receive an increasing number of requests for information and help with decision-making related to GE foods. Nutrition and agriculture educators alike have identified a need for the development of effective programmatic responses to GE food and crop issues at the local level within the Cornell Cooperative Extension system. The primary goal of this project is to develop materials for effective public issues education (PIE) capacity related to genetically engineered organisms among CCE agricultural and nutrition educators. It is our hope that our materials will prove useful to both educators and consumers alike.

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