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Rating: 1 [rate this resource] [report errors] provides up to the minute expert information on food ingredients, science and nutrition, legislation, food safety and markets for the food and drink manufacturing industries. Our food journalists analyse, investigate and interview to bring you the latest breaking stories every day from 10 am GMT. With over 30 news reports published daily, is today the European site of reference for food ingredients information on the internet. Every week, over 20,000 executives visit the site. They come from every market segment including: beverages, dairy, bakery, biscuits, snacks, confectionery, meat & poultry and prepared foods. More than 50 per cent of our user base comes from companies with 500 or more employees covering every key job title category: research & development, purchasing, marketing and general management. is strongly positioned as a global food ingredients news web site based in Europe and aims to provide a European-driven view of food formulation and design.

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