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OECD - Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Views: 10814
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Governments have long intervened in domestic and international markets to support agricultural production. Many of these interventions, mainly through production subsidies and trade barriers, impose costs on consumers and taxpayers, reduce economic efficiency, distort production and trade, impede growth in developing countries, and may damage the environment. OECD Ministers of Agriculture have agreed to "the long-term objective of substantial progressive reductions in support and protection", and have adopted a set of shared goals for the agro-food sector. In 2001 OECD Ministers again recognised that "OECD's an essential contribution to the understanding of agricultural policies and their international impacts". Effective and sustainable management of fisheries resources is a priority for international action. Fish stocks need to be re-built to sustainable levels, while subsequent social and economic adjustments also need to be addressed. In 2001 OECD Ministers noted the valuable contribution of Transition to Responsible Fisheries, and sought further analysis in this area to inform policy development. Globalisation, technological progress, structural adjustments and societal expectations are changing the environment in which businesses operate and governments make policy. The interdependence between OECD and non-OECD countries is growing. In this context, ensuring coherence across policies and between policy and market signals, nationally and internationally, is an on-going challenge.

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