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AMI Project Views: 10871
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AMI is the European Commission funded Augmented Multiparty Interaction project - a fifteen member academic, scientific and vendor consortium conducting research on computer-enhanced multi-modal interaction in the context of business meetings. The project's objective is to develop technologies that will improve business productivity by enhancing verbal and non-verbal communications during and between business meetings. Partners in the AMI project conduct research focused on the use of advanced signal processing, machine learning models and social interaction dynamics to improve human-to-human communications, particularly during business meetings between co-located and remote (virtual) participants. The research is leading to the preparation of technologies which will be included in commercial solutions of the future. Solutions with AMI technologies will enhance the experience of meetings and enrich corporate knowledge management systems, enabling enterprise assets to include searchable and intelligent meeting archives. AMI research and academic partners do not sell research or technologies developed under this project directly to end user organizations. Target audiences are the developers, manufacturers, integrators and solution providers who seek to differentiate themselves by introducing new and innovative technologies in future solutions and to accelerate their time to market by working with a research partner.

Colt Conferencing Views: 10883
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The COLT Conferencing service enables conferencing and collaborative working via a single interface using a web browser and a phone. COLT Conferencing is fully automated and offers 24-hour availability, with no need to make a reservation or involve an operator. Users can access the service at any time from any location, even abroad – all they need is a phone and an internet connection. Up to 99 participants can join a meeting, and stay on the phone for as long as required – there’s no need to prebook lines or commit to a predetermined duration. During a conference you can share documents, presentations, applications and web pages, making meetings more dynamic and easier to follow, enhancing collaborative working and facilitating decision-making. Views: 10859
Rating: 1   [rate this resource] [report errors] resource center offers hands-on meeting advice.

envirance Views: 10863
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Edouard Malbois heads the world's self-proclaimed first designer food consultancy firm, Enivrance. "Our job is Imaginary Foods, a new discipline linking the real world and the world of fantasy."

European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technology Views: 10869
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ELSNET is the European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies. Its main objective is to advance human language technologies in a broad sense by bringing together Europe's key players in research, development, integration or deployment in the field of language and speech technology and neighbouring areas. The network's role is to offer an environment that allows for optimal exploitation of the available human and intellectual resources in order to advance the field. This environment comprises a number of structures (committees, special interest groups), actions (summer schools, workshops) and services (web site, email lists, newsletter, information dissemination, knowledge brokerage).

Facilitate Views: 10878
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FacilitatePro provides support to the group decision making process with tools that facilitate brainstorming, idea generation, organization, prioritization, and consensus development.

FastCom Technology Views: 10884
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Areas of expertise: multimedia management, video processing

German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence Views: 10864
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Founded in 1988, DFKI today is one of the largest nonprofit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. DFKI is focusing on the complete cycle of innovation - from world-class basic research and technology development through leading-edge demonstrators and prototypes to product functions and commercialization.

Human Media Interaction - HMI Views: 10856
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Computers operate every day life as univeral media machines presenting multi-media information and as communication devices connecting people. The interface is what presents users with information and what allow users to manipulate and command the machine. It has become a prominent topic of concern to researchers and designers.

IDIAP Views: 10881
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IDIAP is an independent non-profit research institute located in Martigny, Valais, and affiliated with the "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne" EPFL, and the University of Geneva. IDIAP carries out research in the areas of Speech Processing, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Biometric Authentication, Multimodal Interaction and Machine Learning.

Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems Views: 10858
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The Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems (ICCS) is dedicated to the pursuit of basic research into the nature of communication among humans and between humans and machines using text, speech, and graphics, and the design of interactive dialogue systems, using computational and algorithmic approaches, with applications including natural language processing, information retrieval and presentation, education, musical analysis, and instruction.

Institute of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Views: 10859
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The Speech Processing Group of FIT BUT is advised by Prof. Hynek Hermansky, daily operations of the group are managed by Dr. Jan Cernocky. The group was formed in 1997 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as a part of Signal Processing Laboratory, sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Education. The group has joined the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia of FIT at the creation of FIT in January 2002. The advisor of the group Prof Hermansky has a significant research and educational track and a broad industrial and academic experience (US-West, Panasonic, ICSI Berkeley, OGI Portland). Main expertise of the group is in perceptually-based robust acoustic processing, speech recognition, keyword spotting and language identification. The group is also experienced in very low bit rate coding, automatic determination of speech units and large scale speech database collection.

Institute of man-machine communication Views: 10847
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We focus on novel techniques for an intuitive and natural interaction of humans with all types of computers and computer-controlled systems and machines. Our main comptetences and research interests are charted in the research section. The courses, seminars and labs we offer are listed in the courses section.

International Computer Science Institute - ICSI Views: 10870
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The International Computer Science Institute is one of the few independent, nonprofit basic research institutes in the country, and is affiliated with the University of California campus in Berkeley, California. ICSI was inaugurated in 1988 as a joint project of the GMD - the German Research Center for Information Technology and the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department and the Computer Science Division of UC Berkeley. Since then, Institute collaborations within the University have broadened (for instance with the EE Division as well as other departments, such as Linguistics). The Institute now receives support from a range of international collaborations, US Federal grants, and direct industrial sponsorship. Throughout these changes, the Institute has maintained its commitment to a pre-competitive research program. The goal of the Institute continues to be the creation of synergy between world-leading researchers in computer science and engineering. This goal is best achieved by creating an open, international environment for both academic and industrial researchers.

RealVNC Views: 10872
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RealVNC is a UK company founded in 2002 by the team that invented VNC. The company was established to commercially develop, enhance and promote VNC, the innovative remote access software with a widespread international user base. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software makes it possible to view and fully-interact with one computer from any other computer or mobile device anywhere on the Internet. VNC software is cross-platform, allowing remote control between different types of computer. For ultimate simplicity, there is even a Java viewer, so that any desktop can be controlled remotely from within a browser without having to install software.

Speech and Hearing Research Group Views: 10864
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The Speech and Hearing Research Group (SpandH) was established in the Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, in 1986. Since then, it has gained an international reputation for research in the fields of speech technology and computational hearing.

Spiderphone S.A., Views: 10879
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Spiderphone offers the thing every conferencing user needs more than anything else: flexibility at competitive pricing. Whether it’s dial-in or dial-out, domestic or international, reservation-less audio meetings or large scale web events, Spiderphone’s unique patented technology will cater to your every meeting need as no other service can.

SpiderWeb Communications Views: 10857
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SpiderWeb Communications connects people & places for meaningful interaction via the web.

Virtual Office of the Future Views: 10864
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The Virtual Office of the Future competence center, a joint facility of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), is a unique research platform for document and knowledge management as well as software engineering. The competence center aims to establish research and development partnerships with companies and to invent innovative products in the field of intelligent office applications.

Visual Nexus Views: 10848
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Visual Nexus transforms the way people work by providing instant access to a cost effective, easy to use and secure online meeting environment. Accessed through a PC, a video conferencing end point or even a telephone, groups of from two to hundreds of participants can communicate and work collaboratively in an instant online meeting.

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