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Europe Risk Management News Views: 10825
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Europe Risk Management News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and information about Europe.

Institute of Risk Management Views: 10828
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IRM is risk management's professional education body. Established as a not-for-profit organisation , the Institute is governed by practising risk professionals and has strong links to leading universities and business schools across the world . Recognising that risk management is a multi-disciplinary field, we also work closely with many other specialist institutes and associations and seek to represent an increasingly broad and diverse set of stakeholders. The worldwide membership is drawn from industry, commerce, consultancy and the public sector. Members have backgrounds in many different risk-related disciplines: accountants, project managers, insurers, chartered surveyors, health care professionals, lawyers, bankers, auditors, health and safety professionals and engineers are among those represented. IRM Associateship (AIRM) is recognised worldwide as the sign of a risk management professional and is achieved through examination: Fellowship (FIRM) follows through accredited practical experience.

International Association for the Study of Insurance Economi Views: 10837
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The Geneva Association is a unique world organisation formed by some 80 Chief Executive Officers of the most important insurance companies in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Its main goal is to research the growing economic importance of world-wide insurance activities in the major sectors of the economy.

International Swaps and Derivatives Association Views: 10857
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The International Swaps and Derivatives Association is the global trade association representing participants in the privately negotiated derivatives industry, a business covering swaps and options across all asset classes (interest rate, currency, commodity and energy, credit and equity). ISDA was chartered in 1985, and today numbers over 670 member institutions from 50 countries on six continents. These members include most of the world's major institutions who deal in, as well as leading end-users of, privately negotiated derivatives. The membership includes associated service providers and consultants. Since its inception, ISDA has pioneered efforts to identify and reduce the sources of risk in the derivatives and risk management business. Among its most notable accomplishments are: developing the ISDA Master Agreement; publishing a wide range of related documentation materials and instruments covering a variety of transaction types; producing legal opinions on the enforceability of netting and collateral arrangements (available only to ISDA members); securing recognition of the risk-reducing effects of netting in determining capital requirements; promoting sound risk management practices, and advancing the understanding and treatment of derivatives and risk management from public policy and regulatory capital perspectives.

IRMI Views: 10854
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IRMI is a Dallas-based research and publishing company focusing on risk management and insurance. We take great pride in giving you up-to-date, objective, and practical strategies and tactics to help you succeed and prosper in a changing insurance and risk management environment.

National Risk Management Research Laboratory Views: 10913
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NRMRL is the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) functions as both a scientific and regulatory agency of the United States. Research conducted under the EPA's Office of Research and Development (ORD) provides the basis for the formulation of environmental policies and programs. ORD's National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL), plays a vital role in the scientific research mission at EPA. Our mission is to develop ways to prevent and reduce pollution of air, land, and water, and to restore ecosystems.

Nonprofit Risk Management Center Views: 10841
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The Nonprofit Risk Management Center was established in 1990 to provide assistance and resources for community-serving nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit, the Center is uniquely positioned to both understand and respond to questions with practical, affordable suggestions for controlling risks that threaten a nonprofit’s ability to accomplish its mission. Our mission is to help nonprofits cope with uncertainty. We offer a wide range of services (from technical assistance to software to training and consulting help) on a vast array of risk management topics (from employment practices, to insurance purchasing to internal controls and preventing child abuse). We do not sell insurance or endorse organizations that do.

Risk Management Association Views: 10843
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The Risk Management Association (RMA) is a member-driven professional association whose objective is to further the ability of our members to identify, assess, and manage the impacts of credit risk, operational risk, and market risk on their businesses and their customers. RMA provides education, networking and leadership opportunities for our membership.

Risk Management Magazine Views: 10847
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Risk Management Magazine is the premiere source of analysis, insight and news for corporate risk managers. RM strives to explore existing and emerging techniques and concepts that address the needs of those who are tasked with protecting the physical, financial, human and intellectual assets of their companies. As the business world and the world at large change with increasing speed, Risk Management keeps its readers informed about new challenges and solutions.

RiskCenter Views: 10817
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RiskCenter is the first Web-based syndicated news service devoted exclusively to providing financial risk professionals with the inside scoop on breaking economic, political and financial stories, as well as the risk strategies required to measure and manage these risks. Acting as the eyes and ears for risk professionals, RiskCenter provides an information filter so that viewers do not have to search through a myriad of sources to find the key news that has been researched and written from the point of view of a risk manager.

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