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AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design Views: 10856
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Since its inception in 2002, the AIGA Center for Cross-Cultural Design (AIGA XCD) has been active in developing programs to help designers increase their knowledge and skills in cross-cultural design, to help designers connect with other designers around the world, and to raise awareness of the design industry's cross-cultural capabilities with client communities.

Center for Cultural Intelligence - CCI Views: 10857
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The Center for Cultural Intelligence (CCI) is the first research center in the world to focus on the research and development of Cultural Intelligence. At the Center, we recognize that rigorous research and development on CQ is essential to the success of individuals and organizations in the increasingly challenging business environment. Hence, our mission is to lead in the generation of knowledge, products, and programs (KPP) for growing culturally intelligent individuals and organizations. As part of the Nanyang Business School (Nanyang Technological University) that is strategically located in Asia, CCI has extensive collaborations with researchers and scholars from Asia, North America and Europe.

Centre for Intercultural Training and Research Views: 10850
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The Centre for Intercultural Training and Research is a privately funded organisation set up to promote effective interpersonal and marketing communication. Founded by a small team of international experts, it provides high-quality services based on cutting-edge research into language, culture, and communication.

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe Views: 10873
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An expanding Europe-wide information and monitoring system on cultural policy measures, instruments, debates and cultural trends

CSR Europe Views: 10841
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CSR Europe is a non-profit organisation that promotes corporate social responsibility. Our mission is to help companies achieve profitability, sustainable growth and human progress by placing corporate social responsibility in the mainstream of business practice.

Diversity Inc Views: 10878
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Diversity Inc is an American, online newsletter designed to inform and update interested parties about issues dealing with diversity, business ethics, and social responsibility. The site includes daily news and events. Views: 10878
Rating: 1   [rate this resource] [report errors] is a business center for managing diversity and developing "cultural intelligence." We believe Cultural Intelligence is an essential ingredient for business success in the 21st century. It is a vital competency for building relationships and getting things donewith employees, customers, counterparts and business partners, whether domestically or globally.

ERICarts Views: 10885
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ERICarts is an independent organisation which carries out comparative cultural research and cultural policy monitoring in co-operation with experts from over 40 European countries. The Institute was created by "Centres of Excellence" specialising in cultural research from different corners of Europe. Their representatives sit on a Board of Governors and make key decisions regarding the research programme and strategic direction of the Institute. The day to day management of the projects and research teams is carried out by the central office located in Bonn, Germany.

European Cultural Foundation Views: 10847
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The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) believes in the enriching experience of diversity, and in the power of culture to promote mutual understanding and respect. We therefore support cultural cooperation and advocate strong cultural policies for Europe.

European federation for Intercultural Learning Views: 10894
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EFIL, the European federation for Intercultural Learning, is the umbrella organisation of the European AFS Organisations in Europe. AFS (formerly American Field Service) is a non-profit volunteer based educational organization offering exchanges for students, young adults and teachers in over 50 countries around the world.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Views: 10865
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The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is a body of the European Union (EU), established through Council Regulation (EC) No 168/2007 of 15 February 2007. It is based in Vienna and is being built on the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). FRA carries out its tasks independently. It cooperates with national and international bodies and organisations, in particular with the Council of Europe. It also works closely with civil society organisations.

Global Compact Views: 10893
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In an address to the World Economic Forum on 31 January 1999, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, challenged business leaders to join an international initiative – the Global Compact – that would bring companies together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to support universal environmental and social principles. The Global Compact’s operational phase was launched at UN Headquarters in New York on 26 July 2000. Today, thousands of companies from all regions of the world, international labour and civil society organizations are engaged in the Global Compact, working to advance ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption . Views: 10861
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The Premier on-line source for women in business globally...

Gugin Views: 10867
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Integrating cultures demands efficient planning, precise communication as well as room for change during the process. Gugin assists in defining common objectives for the company, ensuring results which are visible and tangible to everyone involved in the process.

Intercultural Dialogue Platform Views: 10876
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The efforts of dialogue among various religions and cultures have gained significant acceleration in recent years. It is very pleasing that this atmosphere is spreading to greater masses of people and wider communities. Meetings of representatives of various religions of the world and their encouraging messages of love and dialogue have brought significant contribution to the peace process. In Turkey the dialogue the efforts of dialogue first started at individual capacity and then it spread to non-governmental organizations and ultimately it has been welcome at the state level. Larger groups of people also need to engage in this process which ha mostly been in the form of individual exchange and discussion of views. This is the only way dialogue, tolerance and peace may be put in practice in everyday lives of people.

International Centre for Consulting Excellence Views: 10901
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The International Centre for Consulting Excellence has been created to ensure the delivery of a better “consultancy” deal to the private and public sectors across the globe and a more secure future for executives drawn into consulting. As companies increasingly wield the knife and cut to at least the bone at the first sign of economic or business difficulty they need to get more and better results from those outside or within the business. Consultants must “give back the watch” and perform. We have a vision of enabling the best use of the best people, regardless of age, through effective and relevant ongoing professional development, accreditation, “state of the art” global research, proven tools, techniques and process.

International Journal of Diversity Views: 10848
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The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations creates a space for discussion for anyone with an interest in, and concern for, mediating cultural difference and diversity. The journal examines the realities of difference and diversity today, empirically and critically as well as optimistically and strategically, touching upon the topics of Difference, Diversity, Globalisation, Commerce and Personality. At a time of virulent reactions to difference and globalisation (ethnonationalism, racist backlash, parochialism and protectionism), there is a pressing need to reflect critically on the shape and the possibilities of the normative agendas of diversity and globalism. The journal is a place for thinking about and discussing these pressing matters, and in ways that range from the 'big picture' and the theoretical, to the very practical and everyday business of negotiating difference and diversity in organisations, communities and civic life.

ITIM Views: 10852
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ITIM is the global expert on national and organisational culture. We give clients a competitive edge by arming them with knowledge and resources to successfully work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. ITIM provides training and consultancy in the field of culture and management which is designed to increase the effectiveness of anyone dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

LabforCulture Views: 10849
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LabforCulture is an online information and knowledge platform dedicated to European cultural cooperation, complemented by a range of offline services and programmed activities. The website provides an unprecedented range of information on cultural cooperation across the broader Europe, as well as offering a platform for transnational cultural exchange, cultural debate, news and research.

Teaching Tolerance Views: 10889
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Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance provides educators with free educational materials that promote respect for differences and appreciation of diversity in the classroom and beyond. Our magazine and curriculum kits have earned Oscar nominations, an Academy Award, and more than a dozen honors from the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress) including the Golden Lamp Award.

Trans-European Media Views: 10864
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This is the Trans-European Media website of Abram de Swaan (emeritus) Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Views: 10842
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Trompenaars Hampden-Turner provides consulting, training, coaching and (un) learning services to help leaders and professionals manage and solve their business and culture dilemmas. Our clients are primarily Global Fortune 500 companies. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Boston, USA. In addition, we have a network of associates throughout the world.

Women Living Under Muslim Laws Views: 10865
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Women Living Under Muslim Laws is an international solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. For more than two decades WLUML has linked individual women and organisations. It now extends to more than 70 countries ranging from South Africa to Uzbekistan, Senegal to Indonesia and Brazil to France.

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