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Advertising Research Foundation Views: 10841
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The principal mission of The ARF is to improve the practice of advertising, marketing and media research in pursuit of more effective marketing and advertising communications. Views: 10849
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Whether marketing a corporate brand or a branded product or service, success increasingly demands proactive brand management. This site is dedicated to examining all issues relating to branding to assist you in this task.

BPA Worldwide Views: 10864
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BPA is a global provider of audited data to the marketing, media and information industries. Audited data presently provided includes circulation of print publications, Web site traffic, newspapers, trade shows, industry databases, wireless communication, and other advertising-supported information providers.

Brand Republic Views: 10847
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Brand Republic serves the fast-moving world of advertising, marketing, public relations and new media and it is the home of Campaign and Marketing magazines on the web. With 40 stories a day being produced, and an archive of more than 250,000 news stories, Brand Republic excels at news and that is the reason why, in a short space of time, the site has become an indispensable must-read. Views: 10901
Rating: 1   [rate this resource] [report errors] is committed to providing a global perspective on brands. Challenging viewers to think further about the important issues that are affecting brands now and in the future. To further enhance brand awareness, we offer tools and information including global listings for conferences, courses and careers, as well as links to other valuable industry resources. Brandchannel is not a one-way street; we provide the opportunity for an open exchange on the subject of brands and branding from practitioners around the world through features like online debates, and white paper submissions. is unique from other branding-related websites in that it is global in scope, offers original branding content, has an independent, unique voice, is easy to navigate, has no membership fees, and appeals to a wide range of skill levels.

Branding Asia Views: 10847
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Temporal Brand Consulting are specialists in brand strategy in Asia - a leading strategic branding consultancy in Asia, established by Dr Paul Temporal, an expert in brand creation, development and management.

BrandingBlog Views: 10847
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Building stronger brands through learning and sharing. By Dave Young.

Brandweek Views: 10931
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A weekly aimed exclusively at America's top brand-marketing executives.

British Brands Group Views: 10867
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The British Brands Group provides the voice for brands in the UK. It is a membership organisation, with members comprising many of the world's leading brand manufacturers, all committed to ensuring that brands and their contribution to consumers, society and the economy are understood and reflected in UK policy.

Chartered Institute of Marketing - CIM Views: 10874
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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the world's largest professional services body and aims to provide marketers with best practice marketing knowledge and support to create long-term value for businesses. Launched at its first annual convention in May 2003, the new CIM builds on its core role in providing training and qualifications to its 60,000 members and aims to develop and deliver world-class marketing content that will enable it to: a) Drive the marketing agenda and highlight the important issues facing marketers b) Identify emerging trends in marketing and business c) Facilitate the development and spread of best practice among marketers d) Champion great marketing and represent the marketing industry in the UK and across the globe.

Communications Advertising and Marketing Education Foundatio Views: 10879
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The CAM Foundation is the recognised body set up by the industry 30 years ago as the primary source of integrated marketing communication knowledge and practice. It provides students with the confidence to talk to clients and suppliers on all aspects of the marketing communication mix, and the skills to run effective integrated campaigns. In September 2000 an Alliance with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) was formed to improve the provision of professional qualifications to marketing and marketing communication professionals around the world.

CRM Association Views: 10876
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We are: a member-driven organization focused on helping businesses to optimally leverage their investments in CRM solutions and technologies. Through meetings, events, and publications, we provide an education and networking environment for those involved with customer relationship management efforts within their companies. CRMA was founded in Atlanta, GA in May of 2000,under the name "CRMSouthEast". In mid-2003, we changed our name to "CRMA" and began launching chapters throughout the U.S. CRMA will begin launching further chapters in 2005.

Efficient Consumer Response Views: 10870
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The ECR ("Efficient Consumer Response") movement effectively began in the mid-nineties and was characterised by the emergence of new principles of collaborative management along the supply chain. It was understood that companies can serve consumers better, faster and at less cost by working together with trading partners. At the heart of ECR was a business environment characterised by dramatic advances in information technology, growing competition, global business structures and consumer demand focused on better choice, service, convenience, quality, freshness and safety and the increasing movements of goods across international borders aided by the internal European market.

EuroCommerce Views: 10861
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Established in 1993, EuroCommerce represents the retail, wholesale and international trade sectors in Europe. Its membership of over 100 includes commerce federations in 29 European countries, European and national associations representing specific branches of commerce and individual companies.

European Advertising Standards Alliance Views: 10915
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The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. EASA brings together national advertising self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and organisations representing the advertising industry in Europe. EASA is, on behalf of the advertising industry, the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation issues and promotes high ethical standards in commercial communications by means of effective self-regulation, while being mindful of national differences of culture, legal and commercial practice.

Global Scorecard Views: 10852
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The Global Scorecard - a Capability Assessment Tool has been designed to give you a detailed understanding of your ECR [Efficient Consumer Response] capability and to highlight specific improvement opportunities for your company

International Internet Marketing Association Views: 10853
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The IIMA is an organization that helps marketers understand the value and potential of marketing on the web and strives to raise all marketers' abilities to a new level.

New Media Knowledge Views: 10855
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NMK is a learning and business information resource for companies and individuals working in digital interactive media. Whether you're a freelancer just starting out or the director of your own company, we provide the knowledge you need to realise your creative and commercial potential. Views: 10977
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One of the world's fastest growing trend agencies, independent and opinionated TRENDWATCHING.COM scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas.

Viewpoint Views: 10878
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Viewpoint is one of the world’s leading trends, brands, futures, ideas and knowledge publications. Read by the world of fashion, interiors, architecture, design and media, it is the only bi-annual journal that looks at how a single, significant trend is likely to impact on consumer behaviour. For example, past issues have looked at: the age factor, the impact of sports, personalisation, prosumers, emotional technology, fun, eco-shopping, third-agers, new male consumer types, Grit Girls, speed and connectivity. Since the start, Viewpoint has been delivering crucial visual, editorial and statistical information on CEO’s, researchers and creatives determined to create the kind of lifestyle products, campaigns and environments that anticipate and drive consumer demand.

European Brands Association - AIM Views: 10878
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AIM is the European Brands Association. It represents the branded goods industries in Europe on key issues which affect the ability of brand manufacturers to design, distribute and market their brands. AIM’s membership groups 1800 companies of all sizes through corporate members and national associations in 21 countries. These companies are mostly active in fast moving consumer goods. AIM gets involved when it perceives potential changes in the regulatory or commercial environment affecting its members in common.

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