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Jan Jacob van Dijk - challenger
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Jan Jacob van Dijk


Jan Jacob van Dijk
Member of the Dutch Parliament, Christian Democrats (CDA)

Education :
MAVO, HAVO-4 and VWO at the Christelijk Lyceum (secondary school) te Arnhem. Political science (finished) and History at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University, Amsterdam) and European Studies at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam).

Additional education :
doctoral degree at the Vrije Universiteit. Doctor in Literature Dissertation cocerning: Als de Heere het huis niet bouwt… Een beeld van de geschiedenis van de Hout- en Bouwbond CNV 1900-2000 (If the Lord is not building the house…An image of the history of the Wood and Construction union CNV 1900-2000).

Employment history :
Researcher at the CNV department of research. From 1990 executive advisor for European Affairs . Since 2000 project manager Labour relations for the Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond (Dutch Confederation of Christian Trade Unions), Utrecht.

Sidelines, past :
Member of the Europese Beweging Nederland (European Movement Netherlands), member of the Labourhistorical society and member of the local council of Culemborg, secretary of the Cahier concerning the history of the Christian-social movement.

Present sidelines :
Member of the governing body of the VCNS school, Culemborg, Member of the Europese Beweging Nederland, secretary of the Cahier concerning the history of the Christian-social movement.

Former party political duties :
Secretary of the CDJA (Christian Democratic Youth organization) Noord Holland, 1989-1990, member of the CDA-working group Europe since 1990, secretary of the CDA-Culemborg (1994- 1998), member of the local council of Culemborg (1998-2002).

Member of the following commissions of the Second Chamber of Parliament : Europese Zaken (European Affairs), Buitenlandse Zaken (Foreign Affairs), Economische Zaken (Economic Affairs) and Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid (Social Affairs and Employment).

CDA-fraction spokesman: Europe, UN, migration, Kamers van Koophandel (Chambers of Commerce), Polderstructure, market and government.

Remarks: Europe coördinator

Hobby's: history, jogging and squashing.




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