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the future of Mobility: Program
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the future of Mobility: Program

[Ticket Corner]

the future of Mobility

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 18:30-22:15.
For information about the VIP Reception (17:30-19:00), please visit the TicketCorner.
Where: Auditorium, Hogeschool van Amsterdam,
Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam [next to Amstelstation]


17:30-19:00 VIP Reception

18:30-19:30 Registration, drinks

Part I:
19:30-19:45 Opening by our host J.P.Thomas Thijssen, CEO, Hamilton International

19:45-20:15 Keynotes by
Wim Korver, head of the Department of Traffic & Transport and member of the management team of the institute TNO Inro (Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development) of Applied Scientific Research TNO in Delft

20:15-20:45 Keynotes by
André Hammer, General Director, Connekt

Part II:
20:45-21:30 Panel hosted by J.P.Thomas Thijssen with Wim Korver,
André Hammer and the Challengers:
- Frederik Johannes Abbink, Technical Director of the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
- Ronald K.A.M. Mallant, Programme Manager Fuel Cells, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
- Luud Schimmelpennink, industrial designer, managing director, Ytech Innovation Centre

21:30-21:45 Open Discussion

21:45-22:15 Drinks


[Next Event: Senior Citizens & future Technologies, April 23, 2003]

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