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The future of the Human Mind

A public dialogue organised by the Club of Amsterdam

Ever since humans became aware of their mind, they have been questioning its origin. Is the mind part of the physical body, or does it exists by it's own? New developments within the neurosciences address this matter in a way that will very likely change our view on ourselves and the world for good. The discovery of mirror neurons provides a neurological basis for social behaviour and it might even give an explanation for the explosive evolution of culture amongst human beings. Will these developments lead to the conclusion that we are all nothing but very complicated computers in the end, which can be replaced by robots? And where does this leave philosophical concepts as consciousness, free will, morality and art for instance?

The speakers and topics are:

Luc Sala
Personality types and your brain
Personality typing using MBTI - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Big Five, Enneagram is a great tool for HR professionals, psychologists and therapists. A brief outline of the systems is given, and correlated with neurlogical findings. The popular typologies however lack a good theoretical model and most have little relevance for understanding or guiding the development of an individual. Privacy is becoming a major issue, as our digital shadow on Facebook and in datafiles of many kinds could be used to "type" automatically and for "profiling" for judicial, medical and commercial use.

Humberto Schwab, Philosopher
Human mind is more body
What is a person within a context of a group or a society, do we have a unique will and character that steers our behaviour, and our body? This is probably untenable regarding the neuroscience revolution. We are more interwoven with our environment , our brain is not a fixed walnut, nature and nurture discussions are obsolete: our neurosystem is in continuos dialog with the environment. We can change ourselves by changing our interaction!

Maurizio Zollo, Bocconi Dean's Chaired Professor in Strategy and Corporate Responsibility, Bocconi University; Program Director, Neuroscientific Foundations of Strategic Decisions
Strategic management and neuro-sciences
The program of the Center for Research in Organization and Management (CROMA) on the Neuroscientific Foundations of Strategic Decisions aims to open new research horizons in the strategic management field by leveraging, for the first time, recent developments in the neuro-sciences. The basic idea is to explain the characteristics of managers and entrepreneurs' activity measuring their mental processes as they make decisions through brain imaging techniques. This allows researchers to obtain unbiased and extremely detailed observations, critical to explain the performance of innovation decisions as well as the impacts of social responsibility and sustainability-related choices. I will present some of the most interesting results of the neural correlates of explorative decisions by managers and entrepreneurs, and reflect on how we can help decision-makers develop their capacity to make complex decisions in a creative, responsible and sustainable way.

Moderated by Adda van Zanden, Actress

The conference language is English.

Exhibition by Maartje van Buuren
"My work is about attraction and repulsion. Contradictory thought and also behaviour. A battle between extremes, tension, how something unpleasant can also be beautiful at the same time. It's my window into a world and mind, full of contradiction."

the future of the Human Mind
Thursday, April 14, 2011
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15
HTIB, 1e Weteringplantsoen 2c, 1017 SJ Amsterdam

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