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The Future of Games
Gaming in 2020 - how gaming is influencing everybody. A public dialogue organised by the Club of Amsterdam on April 23rd.

The development of the technological tools has made it possible to make computer games and in the past decades games have conquered the world. What started with simple games like 'space invaders' and 'pong' seems to be influencing far more than our free time. And not just kids play games anymore.

Through the development of games we now are getting new perceptions of our world. By creating new technology and in using new tools we recreate ourselves, and the world around us.

It is an undemocratic process; there is no legislative body, no scientific council, nor a political one which has a blueprint how this will influence our world, how this process should play out.

Like nobody ever voted for printing, for steam engines, penicillin, telephones, televisions or the internet. But they happened and changed our lives.

This evening you will be confronted with different outlooks on the future of games. You are confronted with ideas about a future, based on the knowledge the speakers now have and the expectations of their development and influence.

You are invited to join the discussion how the future of games will change your live.

Our speakers and topics are:

Jeroen Elfferich, CEO, Ex Machina
Crossplatform & social gaming

David Nieborg, PhD researcher, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)

More of the same? - The future implications of a game industry oligopoly

In terms of ownership the game industry is not that different from other sectors in the cultural industries. The big game publishers get bigger up to a point where we might see even a smaller set of publishers than we see today. Insights from research on the concentration of ownership in the film and television industry shows a decreasing diversity of cultural production as a result of ongoing mergers. How real is this threat and what will it mean for playing games in 2020?

Kars Alfrink, Interaction Designer, Leapfrog
Better living through urban play

In the near future, we’ll design games that use the ‘new’ streets as a platform. As they play these games, people will ‘grok’ the complex organism that is the real-time city. We can create ‘serious’ urban games that facilitate speculative modelling, so that people can improve their living environment, or at least express what they would change about it, in a playful way.

GAF van Baalen, Co-owner, Concept and artdirection, Ranj Serious Games
Serious games and ubiquitous play

Ranj has been successfully developing serious games for over ten years. We are convinced that using game technology outside the domain of entertainment can make education and communication processes more efficient, more profound and provide a much more natural way of learning. The development of serious games is still in its infancy. Dominant designs are yet to be discovered but play and gaming will be incorporated in every aspect of everybody’s lives within the next 10 years. It will be as normal as video was and e-mail is now. Learning while playing and gaming. Serious games and Ubiquitous Play.

Ellen de Lange-Ros, Owner, Faxion
The gamer attitude: the prerequisite for success in 2020

Since several years, I'm playing games quite fanatically. While I started playing games, I noticed some important changes in my attitude towards the world. For example my learning strategy changed dramatically. Now I notice that this 'gamer's attitude' helps me greatly in doing my work. It helped me while I founded my company Faxion and it gives me specific advantages in projects for my customers.
Around me, I see many friends struggling with the demands of the 21st century-internet-age. They find it hard to adapt to the quickly changing world around them. However, the solution to play the game of the 21st century succesfull is easy: play games! The gamers attitude is just what's needed to become succesfull in 2020.

Our moderator is Matthijs Dierckx Kuijper, Publisher, het Redactielokaal. The event concept is by Carla Hoekendijk.

Supporter: University of Applied Sciences, School for Design and Communication

the future of Games
Thursday, April 23, 2009
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15

Location: Cultuurhuis Diamantslijperij, Tolstraat 129, 1074 VJ Amsterdam
The conference language is English

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