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the future of Food Design

Thursday, November 23, 2006
Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15
Where: ROC, Hotelschool, Da Costastraat 64, Amsterdam
The conference language is English.

Taste, presentation of food, atmosphere, even design of food itself have existed for a long time, but they were often treated as separate elements. The contemporary awareness in design as well as in food culture enable a more holistic approach, which recently led to outstanding creative developments.

This event is going to highlight three influential aspects: a) aesthetics from a consumer perspective, b) innovative food products and c) design supporting senses and a good time.

Masayuki Tajima, food culture specialist: What is Food Design?
"Food is food and design is design" - the consumer generally tends to keep these subjects as distant and separated entities. The only occasions where they appear as a unity is in nicely decorated and presented meals at restaurant, new looking bottles or a cucumber curved out in the shape of a flower. The consumer's vision of the design consists of a directly aesthetic and artistic nature and hardly goes beyond imaginative food and products. Charm, function, innovative and yet elegant forms, poetic and romantic creations may be the key words for food design. Through the pleasure of eating and feeling these artistic pieces consciously, the consumer gets the chance of experiencing a high degree of human touch.

Maurice Nio, Owner, NIO architecten: Fire Emperor
The Fire Emperor is the new appearance in the heart of Amsterdam's city centre. The Fire Emperor will be the pivot of public life. No-one can escape from this voracious building that day and night devours anything that comes near: innocent tourists and experienced gluttons, pale potatoes and fresh coriander, tame pigeons and live squid, raunchy market stalls and exclusive restaurants, worn-out musicians and erotic services, the water of the 'Rotte' and the faded perfumes of waitresses. Everything is being digested, pushed along and shovelled out again, but not before it has been substantially reshaped under high pressure. Because it is the new non-stop market hall that houses in the Fire Emperor. Everybody has something to look for here, and everybody and everything is prepared to defy the heat of the kitchen in the Fire Emperor. This is where the city boils and where people travel along on the vapours of exotic dishes.

Angélique Schmeinck, Master Chef: Experience & Temptation… The creator as seducer
A good idea generates energy, creates movement and makes you attractive to co-workers, guests and suppliers. That sounds good, but where do you get this great idea?
Everyone dreams, in the car, during a meeting or on the terrace in the sun.
These dreams often produce the most beautiful thoughts and fantasies, which result in a feeling of excitement and energy. Often enough, such great ideas disappear just too easily. Idea missed. Chance missed.
But sometimes the idea becomes an itch wanting to be scratched, what if it were to be realized? It doesn't matter what it is. A new project or a product, an event or an activity, or a new dish. Make time for renewal!
Angélique will tell in here presentation the process of creating taste dimensions and the influence of 'seducing' to give a total experience. Therefore she will use as example here Culi-Air project…..The hot air balloon as a enormous convection oven

And our moderator is Mikael Besson, Chef, freelancer for the gastronomy and hospitality industry

- end -

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