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10 Years Anniversary
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10 Years Club of Amsterdam

Thursday, December 6, start 18:30 ...
India House Amsterdam, Spuistraat 239, 1012 VP Amsterdam
Tickets: Euro 10 (Students), Euro 20 (Members etc.) or Euro 30. It includes drinks and snacks

The conference language is English.

This event is supported by
India House Amsterdam

Results and Impressions

Public Brainstorm
Articles, Contributions & Reports


Hardy F. Schloer: 10-step program for a sick planet .

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group -- SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam.

Socratic Dialogue

Socratic Dialogue guided by Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Director, Club of Amsterdam
and the panel
Huib Wursten, Senior Partner, ITIM International / Andrei Kotov, Business Planning Manager, Projects & Technology , Shell Upstream International / Jeanine van de Wiel, Group Leader Global Regulatory Affairs, DSM Food Specialties / Oebele Bruinsma, Founder & Partner, Synmind bv / Arjen Kamphuis, Futurist, Co-founder, CTO, Gendo / Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

Video: Winston Nanlohy

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam
10-step program for a sick planet

Public Brainstorm

Articles, Contributions & Reports
Club of Amsterdam Journal, October 2012, Issue 151
Club of Amsterdam Journal, November 2012, Issue 152

Club of Amsterdam blog -
Schloer Consulting Group: SCG Global Trend Report (Version December 2012) is free. You can order it by clicking here or by sending an email to



We are going to promote and discuss ideas, statements, observations and solutions for five areas that are considered key challenges by Schloer Consulting Group. The main characteristics are exponential growth - the primary cause for critical societal and economic crisis.
Five Key Challenges: Economic-Demographic Crisis, Energy, Environment, Food/Water and Overpopulation

Before the event:
You are invited to contribute to our
Public Brainstorm!
Topic: Global challenges with exponential growth

Club of Amsterdam blog

Public Brainstorm: Economic-Demographic Crisis
Public Brainstorm: Energy
Public Brainstorm: Environment
Public Brainstorm: Food and Water
Public Brainstorm: Human Overpopulation

During this evening:
Part I
One Minute before 12: Understanding The Global Model
Human civilisation has reached the most critical watershed period in its entire history so far. We refer to this period, 2010 - 2050, as the Consequence Era. It is the era where we must deal with the consequences of unresolved inter-society relations, misguided technological development, hyper-militarization of the world, and a dangerous neglect, to manage environment and vital resources in a long-term perspective. Given, that money and monetary instruments have become an artificial resource, especially in the past 300 years, this consequence also includes the results of our ill-designed global monetary system. Money all by itself, and how it is implemented into society, has created a severe scarcity that actually prevents nearly all natural problems to be solved, but promotes global conflict in a near fully globalized world. It is therefore especially important to look at the economic conditions and transitions, in order to understand the prospect to solve any other hard problems in the future, arising from the management of resources and production of vital supplies.

The study model was built by
Schloer Consulting Group - SCG in about 4 years of extensive research, extracted from 10,000s of pages of published research materials, real-time data sources, and 100s of terabytes of global legacy computer data, provided by governments, global organizations (UN, World-Bank, IMF, etc.) and various free data sources provided through universities in the US, UK and Germany.

Part II & III
Socratic Dialogue
The Socratic Dialogue is an approach that focus on the question: what is the right question to start with? It is a philosophical method in the sense that all assumptions we take for granted, can be questioned and investigated. Unlike most discussions we do not debate, we try to listen to one another. It means that in any approach, if we listen well, there can be some important hint for fruitful approaches. To get our minds out of coagulated, fixed lanes we need connection with other minds. Socratic Dialogue is the strongest tool to boost real collaborative thinking and to twist our cultural assumptions into new common moulded perspectives.

It is a method that avoids abstract ways of thinking; generalized abstract reasoning could probably be considered as an intellectual phallacy (John Dewey). Socratic Dialogue starts from concrete person based experiences, where values, emotions and ideas are all considered important. Every person embodies the cultural values and assumptions - this is why a personal experience can deliver general importance.

We will maybe just formulate the right question, but anyway we will experience how it is to think as communities.

Humberto Schwab uses this method to create new strategies for business, for innovative processes and for general think tanks.

Part IV
Entertainment, Indian Dance, Salsa-DJ, mingle, drinks & food

18:30 - 19:00
Reception & Welcome Drinks

19:00 - 19:15
Introduction by our Moderator
Kwela Sabine Hermanns, Core Faculty & Curator at THNK

Official Welcome
Felix B Bopp, Founder & Chairman, Club of Amsterdam
Raj Jagbandhan, India House Amsterdam
Peter van Gorsel,
Director at House of Denim, Member of the Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

Design & Exhibition
Stefan Lehner, Recycling Designer, En-Fer
Jelena Popadic, Humanist, artist, designer, lecturer and visionary
Job Romijn, bedenker, brainstormer, problem solver, artist. Club of Amsterdam Round Table.
Robert Shepherd, Founder, Eduverse
Maartje van Buuren
, Artist
Mario Roelvinck
Indian Dance
Vyjayanthi Iyer

Aleksandra Parcinska, Club of Amsterdam Round Table.
John Grüter, Owner, Digital Knowledge. Club of Amsterdam Round Table.
Andreas van Engelen, Theatre of Eternal Values
Maartje van Buuren, Artist
Mirjam van Rijn
VIP contact
Jan Sall, Director, Club of Amsterdam
Winston Nanlohy

19:15 - 19:45
Part I: About global challenges with exponential growth
This evening we are going to promote and discuss ideas, statements, observations and solutions for five areas that are considered key challenges by Schloer Consulting Group. The main characteristics are exponential changes - the primary cause for critical societal and economic crisis.

Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam
One Minute before 12: Understanding The Global Model

19:45 - 20:10
Coffee break with drinks and snacks.

20:10 - 20:50
Part II: Socratic Dialogue - Panel
Your are invited to share your thoughts, we also invited one expert per topic and will also present feedback, ideas and solutions that we gathered through social media, the Club of Amsterdam Journal and the Public Brainstorm.

Socratic Dialogue by
Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Director, Club of Amsterdam

and the panel
Economic-Demographic Crisis
Huib Wursten, Senior Partner, ITIM International
Andrei Kotov, Commercial Adviser Global LNG, Shell Upstream International
Jeanine van de Wiel, Group Leader Global Regulatory Affairs, DSM Food Specialties
Oebele Bruinsma, Founder & Partner, Synmind bv (Water expert)
Arjen Kamphuis, Futurist, Co-founder, CTO, Gendo
Hardy F. Schloer, Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG, Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

20:50 - 21:30
Part III: Public Socratic Dialogue
We are conducting a Socratic Dialogue with everybody attending. Your are invited to share your thoughts. This session will produce concrete results - ideas and solutions ... the findings will be made publicly available.

Socratic Dialogue guided by
Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Director, Club of Amsterdam
Kwela Sabine Hermanns, Core Faculty & Curator at THNK

21:30 till late ...
Part IV: Entertainment, Indian Dance, Salsa-DJ, mingle, drinks & food
Drinks, buffets, music, exhibition etc

Tickets for this Season Event are

....Regular Ticket: € 30,-
....Discount Ticket: € 20,- [*]
....Student Ticket: € 10,-
As a non-for-profit foundation we don't charge VAT.
[*] see

... and get your Season Pass 2012/2013 at

Valid for the 7 Season Events 2012/2013 including our Anniversary evening
Season Pass 2012/2013 for 1 person: Euro 90,-
Season Pass 2012/2013 for 2 persons: Euro 160,-

How to pay for the tickets?

....a) Online booking with credit card: Ticket Corner

....b) By bank: send an email with your details, number of tickets, type of tickets
........and event name to:
........Bank: ABN AMRO Bank, Club of Amsterdam, Account 976399393, Amstelveen,
........The Netherlands, IBAN NL52ABNA0976399393, BIC ABNANL2A

....c) By invoice: send an email with your billing details, number of tickets, type of event name to:

....d) At the registration desk the evening of the event - unless we are sold out
........earlier: 18:30-19:00

India House Amsterdam

India House Foundation is a cultural non-profit organisation; an initiative from philanthropist Rajkumar Jagbandhan. India House is an Indian culture centre situated in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. The centre has a museum, food court, meeting rooms, and much more.

Felix B Bopp
founder & chairman, Club of Amsterdam

Felix is founder and chairman of the Club of Amsterdam, an independent, international think-tank that organises regular high-level discussions on preferred futures. It involves those who are not just talking about the future - but those who are active participants in shaping the outcome. provides rich resources about more than 100 topics from nanotechnology to philosophy.

He has an excellent reputation for putting together high-quality and high-visibility events – locally and internationally. He organised more than 450 events, conferences and festivals.

Felix has been a voice promoting streaming media since its early days in the mid 90s. He made himself a name as a high-profile trend watcher on a global scale with a close eye on information and communication technologies [ICT] and the music & entertainment industry. His wide scope of interests leads him to develop a range of outstanding products in multimedia & publishing.

His roots are in music and the music industry. He is an accomplished composer of theatre, ballet and film music and also had a successful career as a performer.


Oebele Bruinsma
Founder & Partner, Synmind bv

Oebele Bruinsma has a background in behavioural biology. He has worked both in public, including science, and private organisations. As an international consultant he is involved in industrial innovation and the driving processes of decision making underlying it.

He draws his inspiration both from nature and music which he considers both as ultimate expressions of knowledge management. He lives in the Netherlands.


John Grüter
Owner, Digital Knowledge
Club of Amsterdam Round Table

Business Architect, Knowledge Management Specialist, Business Developer, Systems Thinker, IT Generalist & Change Agent

Digital technology is rapidly transforming our society, our business practices and lives. Technology is a driver, but not the real issue. Adoption by individuals, companies and governments is far more important. But how can we manage the technology, the adoption process and the effect on our businesses and private lives, without getting lost in that change?

Business Architecture; Knowledge Management; Process and Services Innovation; New Business Development; Product Management


Kwela Sabine Hermanns
Core Faculty & Curator at THNK

Kwela is a highly focussed, process-oriented entrepreneur and innovation specialist with many years of business experience in education, research, training and project management in the creative industries.

She is bi-lingual in English and German, owns a Masters degree in New Media Studies and trained in small business innovation at Copenhagen Business School.

She coaches and trains people and organisations in goal implementation and dynamic change management techniques.

”My own goal is to support inter-disciplinary innovation towards value based and surprising sustainable futures. I combine a highly analytical and strategic mind with a passion for team work, people and relationship buidling.”


Vyjayanthi Iyer

I am Vyjayanthi Iyer, a model, actress, dancer and choreographer from Mumbai, India. I have been a resident of Amsterdam for 6 years, and enjoyed every bit of the multicultural, vibrant, free-spirited life it offers. I have also worked as a customer relationship professional for over 10 years and experienced rich interactions with people from different cultures and countries.

I started Bollywood dancing lessons in Amsterdam for a small group of people I knew, as an experiment to stay in touch with my artistic side, to move out of my comfort zone, to learn and grow further as an individual. In the last 2 years, my passion for dance has expanded into conducting workshops for groups and companies, fitness classes and for special occasions like bachelor parties.

Bollywood dancing is lively, it is fun, exciting and the one thing I have never failed to notice is the smile it brings to the faces of people who participate in my workshops. I look forward to taking this endeavour further to exchanging knowledge about Indian culture and take Bollywood dance moves to more people in the Netherlands and beyond.


Raj Jagbandhan
India House Amsterdam


Arjen Kamphuis
Futurist, Co-founder, CTO, Gendo

Arjen is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gendo. He studied Science & Policy at Utrecht University and worked for IBM and Twynstra Gudde as IT-architect, trainer and IT-strategy advisor. Since late 2001 Arjen has been self-employed, advising clients on the strategic impact of new technological developments. He is a certified EDP auditor and information security specialist. As a much sought-after international speaker on technology policy issues he gives over 100 keynote talks every year.

Since 2002 he has been involved in formulating public IT-policy in the area of open standards and opensource for the government and public sector. Arjen advises senior managers and administrators of companies and public institutions, members of parliament and the Dutch Cabinet about the opportunities offered by open standards and opensource software for the European knowledge economy and society as a whole.

Besides information technology Arjen also works on scenarioplanning and strategic assesments of emerging technologies sush as bio- and nanotechnology. With clients he investigates the social, economic and geo-political impact of science and technology.
Arjen's collumns and article's can be found on his Gendo blog.

Andrei Kotov
Commercial Adviser Global LNG,
Shell Upstream International

Andrei Kotov is the Commercial Advisor with Shell's Global LNG Business, prior to which he was a Business Development Advisor CO2 Shell's Carbon Capture and Storage Team.

Andrei holds a Master’s of Science in Economics degree from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland, with an exchange semester at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business) and an MBA. He subsequently joined Shell Global Solutions International as a Contracts Advisor. Andrei’s career, both prior to joining Shell and within the Shell Group, has comprised a variety of postings ranging from mainly operational to purely commercial across energy industry’s entire value chain. In addition to his experience in the business domain, Andrei is a regular contributor to major business dailies, including Financial Times and International Herald Tribune (the international edition of the New York Times) with commentary topics addressing a broad array of issues of global concern.


Stefan Lehner

Recycling Designer, En-Fer

Stefan Lehner (1957) studied Philosophy and Mathematics in Fribourg, Switzerland.
During these studies, he started to develop chairs and tables based on a 4-dimensional mathematical structure - hypercube - and won a first prize in an Art and Design contest in Switzerland in 1986.

Fascinated by industrial scrap objects, he constructed beds, chairs, benches and lamps under the theme of "Object and Function Recycling". First prize for a long chair made out of transport chains at Plum'art.

Another approach was made through a publicity project for Chesterfield. Collecting old cans, he produced 1000 Recycling ashtrays for trendy locations. These ashtrays were conceived to be stolen.

For Interior projects, he worked with car seats from Porsche and with airplane benches. Later followed the development of lamps, vases and racks by giving a second life to defect lamp bulbs and used shoeboxes.

Inspired by "Street Design" in Brazil, he is also working with PET bottles and drink packaging. He started a collection of amazing recycling objects from all over the world.
He aims to combine ecological claims, reuse of former functions, comfort and fashion. His atelier and showroom are now in Utrecht.


Aleksandra Parcinska

Club of Amsterdam Round Table

Passionate about people and different cultures Aleks enjoys an international life style. Originally from Poland, she lived in France, Austria, and England before moving to the Netherlands and the multilingual city of Amsterdam. After a few years of working as a management consultant, Aleks moved into the cultural sector. Aleks worked with the Dutch Polish Foundation in Amsterdam and recently completed a job as a project manager for the research project on multilingualism in Europe, “Language Rich Europe” in the British Council Netherlands. She speaks several languages and contributed to the Language Rich Europe blog in eight languages.


Jelena Popadic

Humanist, artist, designer, lecturer and visionary

Born in Yugoslavia, growing up in Australia and living in the Netherlands, I am now working internationally in the fields of Art, Culture, Education and Entertainment.

At the early age I was active as a writer and performer. After gymnasium and civil engineering I studied free Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and specialised in the Glass as medium in Art and Design. In the Netherland I designed in the past for Royal Leerdam Crystal, the national glass museum in Leerdam. In my work I often combine various disciplines and materials & techniques. Glass, painting, mix media projects, theater, opera productions, experimental photography and film projects. My work stands for innovation, collaboration projects, evolvement of Art itself. Apart from creating and teaching Arts I collaborate with people and organisations interested in Art expressions as a healing method; benefits of Art in the education systems and society in general. Art is playing an important role in communication and stimulates positive progression of the human evolution.
Glass Museum Leerdam
Collaboration-Art projects (poetry, dance, film, glass)



Mario Roelvinck


Job Romijn
bedenker, brainstormer, problem solver, artist

Club of Amsterdam Round Table

Job Romijn is an innovative mind with an eye for improvement. Not caring too much about a career or money he leads an interestingly unconventional life. He helps others with ideas and observations.

Job Romijn is an unconventional innovator with a steep learning curve. This leads him to interesting observations and results in loads of ideas. He uses his abilities in brainstorming, testing and improving, with a current focus on websites.

Job Romijn is Job Romijn.

Job Romijn is quite a nice guy, albeit with some issues. Instead of solving his issues, he tries to use them and adapts his life accordingly.

His current business is testing the user experience and usability of websites.

He is a generalist with a broad education: a masters degree in high voltage engineering, conceptual art and applied creativity.

After brain activity he finds relaxation underwater in freediving.


Jan Sall

Director, Club of Amsterdam

Jan Sall is a communication and advertising expert, consultant with a long experience in initiating and organization events on corporate and consumer level. Successfully realized projects for TNT, LU-Biscuits etc.

Hardy F. Schloer
Owner, Schloer Consulting Group - SCG
Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

Hardy F. Schloer is a strong team builder, entrepreneur, accomplished scientist and visionary theoretical thinker with extensive people and public relation skills.

For three decades now Schloer has built successful global technology solutions and practical problem-solving infrastructures for clients and partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Schloer has extensive hands-on experience in the design and the conceptualization of successful solutions and complex technology architectures on global scale. His strong ability to view problems through their complex layers of context has enabled him to become a highly effective analyst and 'out-of-the-box' thinking problem solver.

Schloer is founder and former CEO of RavenPack AG in Germany and RavenPack International in Spain, a world leader in computational linguistics and real-time financial applications. Schloer is also the inventor of numerous Information and Communication Technology patents and of the Quantum Relation Theory, a breakthrough concept in Artificial Intelligence. The Quantum Relation Theory has been academically reviewed and discussed.

In 2001 Schloer received the award of “One of 25 Best Technologies of the Future” from NetInvestor in Germany for the invention of his Quantum Relation-based technology platform, 'RavenSpace'.

Schloer made also important intellectual contributions to the field of healthcare with his groundbreaking concept ‘AlphaMedic’, a global approach to modern healthcare that envisions globally standardized, centralized and AI managed patients record keeping, combined with computer assisted real-time medical diagnostics and automated clinical trials in a global 24/7 processing approach. Schloer’s AlphaMedic concept to healthcare problems has received a European Grant and has been published and discussed in the press and online healthcare publications

Schloer has developed a strong transdisciplinary and intercultural approach to problem-solving consultancy that is now leading in its field. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and is frequently invited to international conferences, public discussion panels and other global Think Tank events.


Humberto Schwab

Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL
Director, Club of Amsterdam

Humberto Schwab studied physics and philosophy in the Netherlands. He lives and works in Spain (in the surrealistic Alt Emporda) and in the Netherlands.

As a practical philosopher he uses Socratic tools to execute deep dive transformations of business, by strong collaborative thinking processes, dialogs think tanks and design-labs. New strategies which includes new services, applications and products can be the result, starting from a new generating idea.

He organized think tanks for business (Electrabel, Rabobank) government (municipality of Paris) and education (Rietveld art academy, Stockholm school of economics); always bringing to light hidden knowledge and intelligence from within the organisation.


Robert Shepherd
Founder, Eduverse

Robert Shepherd is a graduate from the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art. He has been working with electronic media since 1978. His goal is to create more intuitive integration between abstract/synthetic worlds and the real world. In Feb 2008 he established The Eduverse Foundation to further his goals of promoting virtual environments for educational purposes. The Eduverse has had 3 symposia, initiated the "emocracy" project and the MEP (which looks to use SimCity as a mobile phone based educational platform), presented at the ibc, AR+RFID (The Hague), IDIAP and the Waag Society, acted as virtual educational consultant to surfnet and kennisnet, been involved with TEDxAmsterdam, The AMI consortium, FITC Amsterdam, Picnic, FiFi, Cinekid, Appsterdam , ESUG and the Club of Amsterdam. Robert has also taught virtual world strategies to educators from various universities in The Netherlands as well as setting up the University of Maastricht virtual design sim. His client list includes The ING Bank, IBM, NASA and Microsoft. At present he is working on developing an educational game event for Amsterdam and a project (together with STIMED) entitled The Visual Sound System (VSS) to help teach children to read and play music more intuitively.


Maartje van Buuren


Maartje van Buuren holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in Education and graduated with honours in Fine Art. Her graduation project with mold landscapes and furniture was nominated for the Piet Bakker award. Maartje has worked as a creative therapist and as a teacher. She has also contributed to several industrial design projects and works as a freelance graphical designer. Maartje uses images, poetry, sounds and sculptures in her work to portray her continous search for tension.

"My work is about attraction and repulsion. Contradictory thought and behaviour. A battle between extremes, tension, how something unpleasant can also be beautiful at the same time. It's my window into a world and mind, full of contradiction."


Jeanine van de Wiel

Group Leader Global Regulatory Affairs, DSM Food Specialties

Jeanine van de Wiel (1960) contributed to such different parts of society as media, science, government and industry. She started her career during her MSc Biology as a free lance journalist in scientific popular magazines like Technovisie. During her PhD research project in Toxicology she designed and executed a new course for Health Sciences students at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her first governmental advisory role focused on science based exposure limits of persistent environmental contaminants. Her second job at the Health Council of the Netherlands had an additional international diplomatic dimension through participation in EU and OECD task forces on the safety of novel foods like the genetically modified soy and corn that was imported to Europe at that time. Also the first novel functional foods emerged like restructured fats and carbohydrates. This raised her interest for the promising contribution of functional food products to public health and she joined the DSM Nutrition Cluster in 2004. Now she is managing the group responsible for the global compliance regarding safety and efficacy of functional food ingredients, processing aids, additives and biocontrol agents needed to improve food security.


Andreas van Engelen

Theatre of Eternal Values

High end recording and publishing, Composer of theatrical and corporate Sonic Identities, Soundscapism and Hymnic music works. Audiowerk, Artist development and promotion, MI industry patching, VI builders.

In-house composer and editor at Theatre of Eternal Values, outboard networker for Gary Garritan and Inspired Acoustics. Free-lance review writer for music technology products.

Peter C. van Gorsel
Director at House of Denim, Member of the Advisory Board of the Club of Amsterdam

Peter Charles van Gorsel was born on 23rd September 1948 in Rotterdam. He has lived in Amsterdam for the last 30 years. He spent part of his youth in Africa and has lived in Utrecht, Leiden and London. He is a fluent speaker and writer in English and German with a passive knowledge of French. His education is varied to say the least, running form a Dutch High School, Graphic Design and Art school via the Publishing School and Stanford Master of Publishing. He has a degree in marketing and communication. He thinks of himself as always curious, an independent thinker, driven and a goal orientated strategist and a team player; communicative and innovative with a broad orientation in media, IT, arts and urban development; interested in issues dealing with talent development and leadership. After resigning from his post as Dean of the Faculty of Media, Creation and Information at the University of Applied Science of Amsterdam in 2012 he went on as an independent consultant and adviser. Before he became a dean he has worked in national and international publishing in various positions: sales, marketing, publishing and business development. He has been on the board of several organisations and is at present on the board of the Dutch Public Broadcasting AVRO.
For network go to:

Huib Wursten
Senior Partner, ITIM International

Huib is experienced in translating international and global strategies and policies into practical consequences for management. He has been working in this field since 1989 with a variety of Fortune 1000 companies, with public and private organisations in 85 countries on all continents. His main clients in the business sector are IBM, 3M, Vodafone, McCain, Quest, Texaco, ABN AMRO, Nike, and Unilever. Non-profit clients include the IMF, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, the UN Development Programme, the Council of Europe, and the Dutch peacekeeping forces.

India House Amsterdam
Spuistraat 239
1012 VP Amsterdam

Public Transport

From Amsterdam Centraal Station:

  • Take a tram direction Dam
  • 1 stop to Dam
  • Walk from Dam to Spuistraat 239

By Car

India House Amsterdam is in walking distance from the Dam.

There are several parking houses available:
Parking De Kolk, Nieuwezijds Kolk 18, 1012 PV Amsterdam
Parking De Bijenkorf, Beursplein 15, 1012 JW Amsterdam
P1, Parking Amsterdam Centre (Centraal Station) Prins Hendrikkade 20a, 1012 TL Amsterdam

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