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Building Digital Opportunities: ICT Case Studies
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by OneWorld International 17 the future of Developing Countries

As part of the Building Digital Opportunities (BDO) programme, OneWorld has conducted case studies to help give decision makers a clear understanding of how civil society is actually using information and communications technologies, and what the impact is.

Around 20 organisations in South Asia, Southern Africa and Central America are profiled, most of them Oneworld partners. Their activities vary from offering wireless communication equipment to tribal nomads and teaching slum children how to use a computer, to training NGOs how to build a website and online broadcasting of radio programmes. The organisations were not selected for being success stories; rather they are likely to help identify the positive and negative impact ICTs can have. A synthesis report of all case studies is available as well, which tries to structurally draw conclusions on the impact (defined in terms of opportunity, empowerment and security) and sustainability of ICT for development activities. It also gives a brief comparison between the different regions studied. A brief explanation of the the methodology is available.

The full report is available as a *.pdf: click here

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