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The Truth Engine with Peter Cochrane - The Future Now Show
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The Future Now Show

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The Future Now Show

June 2019

The Truth Engine

Peter Cochrane

All civilisations live or die by the quality of their fundamental truths. Governments, legal systems, commerce, industry, engineering, science and education are built on verifiable and hard won knowledge that is tested and continually honed by new discoveries and revelations based on evidence and accumulated experience. However, truth, facts, knowledge and expertise are now under attack and suffering in accelerating rates of distortion and corruption.

In an age of information wars, establishing 'the truth' and/or applying verifiable facts and knowledge are no longer easy or straightforward. Modern media, the internet, social networks, has given everyone a voice, and an assumed right to express their opinion even if they may be totally ignorant. So, plagiarism, errors, and deliberate falsifications have become a new tool for some political and commercial operations, and a new form of information warfare!

Truth is expensive and hard to comprehend, and it is far easier to unthinkingly accept simple (and often crude) misrepresentations and lies from anonymous sources, bogus media and pernicious sources including criminals, rogue states and corrupt political groups. At the click of a key they can distribute the falsehoods to millions of screens where quantity and not quality define a new truth!

The Future Now Show

Professor Peter Cochrane OBE
, Cochrane Associates Co-Founder, Sentient Systems University of Suffolk UK

Club of Amsterdam

Fact Checkers: There are now over 160 organisations world-wide with the biggest and most mature contributors including Snopes, The Washington Post, BBC et al

A Library of Lies: Still at a very early stage, but a vast ecology currently dominated by a focus on a single personality. So, topic wise, a bit 'thin' but a good start including; The New York Times, Politifact, Vox Ukraine, et al

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