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by: Michel Foucault,
type: Articles
in: 22 the future of Philosophy

The use of concepts of discontinuity, rupture, threshold, limit, series, and transformation present all historical analysis not only with questions of procedure, but with theoretical problems. It is these problems that will be studied here (the questions of procedure will be examined in later empirical studies - if the opportunity, the desire, and the courage to undertake them do not desert me). These theoretical problems too will be examined only in a particular field: in those disciplines - so unsure of their frontiers, and so vague in content - that we call the history of ideas, or of thought, or of science, or of knowledge.more....

by: Maj. Norman H. Patnode, USAF,
type: Articles
in: 22 the future of Philosophy

Using the Socratic Method can help you quickly turn “your” story into “our” story and send the energy cascading through your organization. The Socratic Method is also a powerful way to help your staff discover how to turn that story into reality.more....

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