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:: 01 Nanotechnology
01 Nanotechnology 10/21/2003 7:22:48 AM

By Paul Holister, Cristina Roman, Tim Harper, Cientifica

October 2003

Based on the updated nanotubes section of the NOR but considerably extended to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of this star of the nanoworld. Nanotubes could have a significant impact on many different multi-billion-dollar industries, and in some cases have no peers. This report explains the different types of nanotubes (including non-carbon varieties) and their varying properties, production levels and costs, production methods for different types of carbon nanotube including pros and cons, coverage of all the latest research breakthroughs in production and application of nanotubes, including the implications, and discussion of opportunities for each type of nanotube, covering timescales and competitive technologies.

Full report as a *.pdf file can be downloaded here

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