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:: 01 Nanotechnology
Nanoporous Materials
01 Nanotechnology    10/21/2003 6:51:45 AM

By Paul Holister, Cristina Roman, Tim Harper, Cientifica

October 2003

"…Recent improvements in our ability to see and manipulate on the nanoscale are transforming our use of these materials from the merely opportunistic to directed design. This is most strikingly the case in the creation of a wide variety of membranes where control over pore size is increasing dramatically, often to atomic levels of perfection, as is the ability to modify physical and chemical characteristics of the materials that make up the pores. The theoretical space of possible permutations for such materials is vast and will present many opportunities for the control of substances at the molecular and atomic levels for years to come. Most importantly, this control will often be exercisable on macroscale quantities of material and can thus be expected to penetrate the chemical and pharmaceutical industries on an industrial scale…"

Full report as a *.pdf file can be downloaded here

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