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:: 01 Nanotechnology
Nanocrystalline Materials
01 Nanotechnology 10/21/2003 6:44:45 AM

By Paul Holister, Cristina Roman, Tim Harper, Cientifica

October 2003

This white paper covers bulk nanocrystalline materials and coatings. Metals and ceramics (these being metal oxides in the context of this report), both bulks and in coatings, make up most of the content of the report. Both these materials are generally made up of crystals the size of which are measured in micrometers. Reducing the size of the crystals can have quite dramatic effects on the properties of the bulk materials, particularly increasing strength.

The creation of nanocrystalline materials is in its infancy. A few companies are starting to commercialize products and significant growth can be expected, penetrating the huge markets for structural materials and coatings. The new products will not be without competition from other materials, especially nanocomposites, but there are markets where these new materials will be the favored choice in the future.

Full report as a *.pdf file can be downloaded here

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