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:: 01 Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology: The Tiny Revolution
01 Nanotechnology 1/25/2003 9:40:28 AM

July 2002 - Nanotechnology will change the world, the pundits tell us, and people are racing to become a part of the new craze, launching web sites, special reports, companies, and products with the nano prefix. Over two billion dollars a year of government money is being pumped into nanotechnology worldwide, matched by a similar amount from private industry.

Yet, despite the plethora of research reports in recent months, few of the pundits seem to have much of a grasp of what nanotechnology encompasses or how it is going to achieve these supposed dramatic effects. Reporting, both from the popular press and respected business sources, all too often mixes up nanotechnologies that are just around the corner with those that are highly speculative or very long-term.

At the root of the confusion is an important aspect of nanotechnology that differentiates it from earlier revolutions such as the internet. Although the internet revolution has been enabled by a new technology, it can largely be understood and evaluated in terms of traditional markets, e.g. selling products to consumers, provision of information, etc.

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