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Population and community ecology and ecosystem ecology provide two different perspectives on ecological systems, their structure, their functioning, their dynamics and their evolution. While population and community ecology takes as its starting point the population and its interactions with other populations, ecosystem ecology is mainly concerned with the flows of matter and energy in the overall system composed of biological organisms and their abiotic environment."> As Europe heads decisively towards a competitive knowledge-based economy, scientific research is growing as one of the ultimate pillars of our viability as a sustainable society. Modern life sciences have brought about immense expectations for improving health, agriculture and the environment, and have opened new avenues for key industrial sectors such as energy production, chemical engineering and the development of new materials. Yet these advances need to develop in parallel with an adequate level of social acceptance which should make scientific and technical progress compatible with the diversity of cultural expectations and value systems that we enjoy on our continent."> Media coverage of science in the EU varies in both quality and quantity and from country to country. Developments in the life sciences have, in general, made the headlines only if associated with a ‘breakthrough’ or a controversy. When this happens, the press quickly moves away from purely informative coverage to foster instead a widespread debate on possible implications and risks of the technology under scrutiny, and this can be very confusing for the public. Typical results of such confusing information are the misinformation, suspicion and hostility that surround the introduction of innovative products based on recombinant DNA technology, particularly GM foods and crops; although for the development of new medical drugs and treatments, public views are more favourable – as documented by the Eurobarometer surveys."> Biopharmaceuticals is the most upcoming segment of the pharmaceutical industry due to the evolution of biotechnology. This has resulted in highly efficacious products that aim at providing cures for life-threatening, difficult ailments, which have been difficult (well nigh impossible!) to treat. This industry is keeping its nose to the grindstone to reach the pinnacle. Certain factors, like increasing costs, complex regulatory issues, high prices, tremendous competition, etc., are forcing companies to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. Outsourcing has become a strategic imperative for companies in their quest to improve their efficiency and productivity. ">
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