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Sitemap 25 Software Architecture
What is software architecture?
There is no standard, universally-accepted definition of the term, “software architecture,” although there is no shortage of definitions, either. "> This document describes the basic concepts for the next ‘Web Community Architecture’ based on the adoption of new technologies like RSS and webservices. The goal is to start a discussion on which aspects related to such an architecture are the most important and to realise a common understanding."> SOAs start with services, which are groups of software components that carry out business processes. At its most basic, an SOA is a collection of services on a network that communicate with one another. The services are loosely coupled, have well-defined, platform-independent interfaces, and are reusable. SOA focuses on business processes and standard interfaces, helping to mask the underlying technical complexity of the IT environment. "> Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is rapidly becoming the cornerstone for enterprise infrastructure, bringing cost reductions and increasing IT and business responsiveness. Join us in this webinar series to learn the best practices for adopting a service-oriented architecture. You'll learn how to service enable existing systems, orchestrate web services for building composite applications and monitor your SOA infrastructure for real-time analysis "> Much is spoken of "good design" in the software world. It is what we all aim for when we start a project, and what we hope we still have when we walk away from the project. But how do we assess the "goodness" of a given design? Can we agree on what constitutes a good design, and if we can neither assess nor agree on the desirable qualities of a design, what hope have we of producing such a design? "> Yesterday evening, I attended a "speaker & discussion event" - The Future of Software Architecture - put together by The Club of Amsterdam. It was held in the offices of Syntens.

"> The meeting proved to be what is becoming a trademark of the Club of Amsterdam's events. New insights arose out of a series of constructive confrontations between radically opposing viewpoints. The big surprise was that a seemingly straightforward technical subject, in appearance almost dull, generated such different, almost diametrically opposed, perspectives. The contrast inspired a frantic discussion about complexity, history, values, and the role of technology in today's and tomorrows world.">
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The Web 2.0 Community
Service Oriented Architecture
Best Practices for Adopting a Service-Oriented Architecture
The Top 10 Elements of Good Software Design
Review: The Future of Software Architecture
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