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Sitemap 12 the future of Energy
Residential fuel cells sound almost too good to be true. Take a hydrocarbon fuel such as natural gas, use a catalyst to extract hydrogen from it, react the hydrogen with air and, presto, you have a home power plant!
"> In this document, the High Level Group highlights the potential of hydrogen-based energy systems globally, and for Europe in particular, in the context of a broad energy and environment strategy. It then proposes research structures and actions needed for their development and market deployment.
"> As we enter the third millennium, it is time for Europe to discuss the topic of energy. We must rethink our policy on securing energy supplies. This debate concerns all of us, as energy is essential in our daily life."> The Green Paper on the security of energy supply, adopted by the Commission more than a year ago, opened up a debate on energy policy unprecedented in 30 years."> Europe's energy system demonstrates unsustainable patterns of development characterised by growing dependence on imported fossil fuels, rising energy demand and growing CO2 emissions. These unsustainable patterns are exacerbated in key sectors like buildings and transport that are intimately linked with the quality of life of European citizens. The challenge is to alleviate and reverse these adverse trends to achieve a truly sustainable energy system, while preserving the equilibrium of ecosystems and encouraging economic development."> To mix hydrogen into the domestic gas network: that is the challenge that those taking part in the EET-subsidized project, 'The Greening of Gas' have set themselves. Project coordinator Dr Kas Hemmes (Associate Professor with the Energy and Industry section) describes the many technical and administrative difficulties of this promising idea.
"> Energy is fundamental to America’s quality of life, economic health and security. President Bush recognized the importance of a comprehensive energy policy to our country’s well being and put an early focus on developing a plan to provide a dependable, diverse supply of affordable and environmentally sound energy to meet current and future needs.
"> The pathways shown illustrate the scale and complexity of the change needed, as well as the progress that has to be made through to 2050. Our “checkpoint” in 2025 gives a measure of this progress and demonstrates the urgency to act early to shift to a sustainable emissions trajectory. ">
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